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Hi and Welcome! 

A little about me. I met my husband, Zane, 34 years ago at a Christian get-together at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I was a freshman and trying to find my place. We were playing a human bingo game when Zane introduced himself. We filled out the squares that described something about us and then he asked for my phone number. The next guy came over and we did the same. Then I asked him if he wanted my number and he said, "No, I don't need that." Zane did call and the rest is history.

We've built an amazing life together. We have three boys, Josh, 26, Jordan, 23 and Jake 21. They've added tons of adventures to our lives. To sum it up, we rarely have a dull moment and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

I've been writing professionally for more than 30 years. Books, magazine articles, news releases, grants for non-profits, ad copy, blogs, digital content, journals and everything in between. My favorite writing is storytelling. I've had the opportunity to write my own stories and other people's. Honestly, I fell in love with the process of writing a good story and am on the journey to keep doing just that!

I have my bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from CU Boulder. 

When not writing, I'm likely outside doing something fun with family or friends.